Ep. #7933

Season 32, Episode 26 -  Air Date: 12/16/1996
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**from SoapOperaFan.com**On Monday, Jennifer, John, and Marlena are about to leave the Blake house when Jenn sees a light on the second floor. They race upstairs, but don‘t discover Laura.[Jennifer is certain she saw a light, and John feels someone was there too, so they decide to search the second floor again.] Instead of splitting up and verifying that every room is empty, they all go off together. Then they hear a noise coming from the first room, and rush back in. It‘s Celeste (who says she came in the back way), telling everyone that she had a psychic dream in which she saw Stefano and Peter with Laura. Jennifer fears the worst. [Marlena thinks it‘s horse-puckey. Strange coming from her, after her experience with Eugene‘s ‘vibes‘.] At Jennifer‘s request, Celeste describes her dream. Marlena shudders at the thought of Stefano being alive, and John reminds her that no body was found after the explosion in Aremid. It isn‘t unthinkable for Stefano to be alive. Celeste starts feeling