Ep. #7932

Season 32, Episode 25 -  Air Date: 12/13/1996
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Bo and Hope finally made their way back to each other and were about to get married. A few weeks before the wedding Billie Reed returned. She started date Franco Kelly, but still was deeply in love with Bo. Bo was very suspicious about Franco and he believed that Franco was responsible for attacking a girl named Jill Stevens. Hope and Billie didn‘t actually believe that Franco was capable of doing something like that. But in fact, Franco made some very suspicious phone calls to his employer, a person that wants to break up Bo and Hope. Eventually the night before the wedding Billie was at the Horton Cabin. Bo just heard from Jill that her attacker was after someone else, so Bo believed that he would attack Billie. He went to the Horton Cabin and found Franco and a fight broke out. Franco did leave the island, but untied Bo‘s both. Bo couldn‘t get back to the church in time. His last attempt was trying to swim, but because it was so cold outside he didn‘t succeed and was frozen. Billie