Ep. #7876

Season 31, Episode 14 -  Air Date: 9/25/1996
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Marlena worries that it‘s her fault Sami has turned out the way she has because she was never there for her. John does his best to reassure Marlena, and when Kristen sees their closeness, she is absolutely livid. After talking with Peter, she knows the only chance she has to keep John is to get pregnant and NOW. So as soon as the ceremony is over, she sets about seducing John.Carrie‘s heart breaks when she has to let Sami have the wedding reception her and Austin had planned. It gets even worse when Austin and Carrie find out that Austin and Sami will need to spend the night together to keep the French authorities from realising the truth. Sami prepares herself for the night in question by donning a sexy nightgown.Jack again offers to pay off Daniel‘s debts if he will spill the beans on Peter, but Daniel knows that Peter Blake is far more dangerous than any money collectors, so he keeps his mouth shut and leaves. Celeste promises Jack she‘ll keep trying.Vivian is shocked to learn th