Ep. #7875

Season 31, Episode 13 -  Air Date: 9/24/1996
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Jack manages to lull Daniel into a false sense of security by losing to him, while Laura sells her jewelry and maxes out her credit cards to get her hands on some serious money. With Daniel confident in his abilities, Jack then uses the information he has gleaned throughout the game (Daniel‘s bluffing habits and so on) to clean Daniel out completely, to the point where Daniel ends up owing the house a lot of money. Money they want within 24 hours, which Daniel doesn‘t have. Jack makes him a deal...he‘ll pay off Daniel‘s debts if Daniel spill the beans on Peter. Meanwhile, Peter and Jennifer nearly enter the casino, but Jennifer, not wanting to see Jack, opts for one last spin around Paris.Billie and Franco tell Bo and Hope about how they met in Rome. Franco insists on taking Billie home, which Bo reluctantly agrees to when Hope insists. Back at the apartment, Franco and Billie talk, and Franco realises that Bo is the man that Billie was so eager to put behind her when she left Salem y