Ep. #7874

Season 31, Episode 12 -  Air Date: 9/23/1996
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Austin and Carrie try desperately to find a way to get Sami out of their lives, but they realise that the only way Austin and Sami can get Will back is for his parents to marry. Carrie backs away, despite Austin‘s pleas that they not let her manipulating sister come between them. Austin finally realises it‘s the only thing they can do.When Jack asks for her advice, Celeste suggests he cozy up to Daniel Scott to get the goods on Peter. While Jack joins Daniel‘s poker game, Peter wonders what is going on when Laura shows up without Jack. Celeste worries that Peter will catch on to Jack‘s attemptes to expose him in time to spin another lie to hold Jennifer to him.Bo is worried when he finds out that Billie was involved with Franco in Europe, but Hope is thrilled. Franco means a lot to her, and with Franco in Billie‘s life, she [Hope] and Bo will have a chance.