Ep. #7870

Season 31, Episode 8 -  Air Date: 9/17/1996
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Kristen uses the hypnotic device to get John back into her bed, where he believes he‘s making love to Marlena. When Marlena arrives and John kisses her, Kristen claims it was just because they were so happy Will was back again. Kristen worries about how she‘ll keep John from mentioning all the love-making he‘s been doing with Marlena lately, and also worries that Marlena will mention the kiss, so she has to do some fancy footwork to keep the two of them from talking to each other.With Will safe and sound, Austin and Carrie again begin to plan their future together, deciding to get married immediately after getting some romantic advice from Billie and Marlena. Sami is both shocked and frightened when Austin makes it clear that as soon as they get back to Salem, he is going to take Will away from her. Suddenly social services shows up to take Will.Hope is worried when she hears Bo murmuring Billie‘s name in his sleep. The two head to Salem Place for breakfast with Hope and Caroline, an