Ep. #7869

Season 31, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 9/16/1996
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Hope is upset when a wedding planner mistakes her for Billie. Caroline tells Bo that he deams about Billie because they never ended their relationship, not really. Billie just left. Bo tells her it doesn‘t really matter...he‘s marrying Hope, and he‘s glad that Billie is out of the picture. Billie and Kate get into town, and Billie goes to Carrie‘s apartment, where she finds a photograph of her wedding with Bo. Elsewhere, Hope tells Bo what happened at the wedding planners, and he tells her that it‘s okay...she is the only woman he ever wants in his life.Mary finally reveals the name of the couple that have Will, and they rush to the apartment complex. When a neighbor tells them that the family has left for the airport, Sami is terrified that she will never get her son back. At the airport, the authorities won‘t let them anywhere near the plane. Just before the plan is about to take off the police show up, and Will is returned to his father and mother, who vow to never let him go again