Ep. #7868

Season 31, Episode 6 -  Air Date: 9/13/1996
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At the party Peter is throwing for Jennifer, Jack is just seething at the knowledge that he doesn‘t have the goods on Peter yet. When Celeste reveals that Peter is the friend throwing the party, Daniel bolts, remembering Peter‘s threat to kill him if he ever saw him again, and hides in the coat room. Laura has flown in for the party, and Jack talks to her about the ledger, but when Laura confronts Peter, he just denies it. She threatens to tell Jennifer about Peter and Jude, but Peter just laughs it off. He knows that Laura has no proof. Laura then talks with Celeste about her missing date, and when Daniel takes off, Laura heads off after him. While Celeste tells Jack and Jennifer that Laura took off after her date, Laura confronts the man who once conned her into believing he loved her, and demands to know the truth about Peter.Kate finally decides that it‘s time she head back to Salem, but she doesn‘t want to go alone. She begs Billie to return hom with her, but Billie initially ref