Ep. #7834

Season 31, Episode 5 -  Air Date: 7/29/1996
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John and Abe followed Vivian to Stefano‘s, but before John could chase him, Kristen shows up, and begins experiencing abdominal cramps. Abe takes off, and John accuses Vivian of being in cahoots with Stefano. She denies the allegations, and John realises that Stefano lured Rachel and Kristen to Paris for a reason. After taking them back to the hotel, he resumes the search for Marlena, and he finds a drawing of a crown, then a map that looks to be from the game. He calls Abe to help him with the investigation.Bo and Hope still can‘t agree on whether or not Franco attacked Jill, but their conversation is cut short when Hope is called to an impromptu photo shoot with Franco. Bo finds out that the movie Franco claims to have seen in theatres was recently on the television, he wonders if maybe Franco wasn‘t lying about being at the theatre, and goes to the theatre to investigate.Vivian asks Stefano to sign the affidavit, and while he says he owes her nothing, he will consider it. Vivian l