Ep. #7824

Season 31, Episode 3 -  Air Date: 7/15/1996
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In Paris, Vivian is stunned when she sees a ring that looks very much like one Stefano would wear. Ivan tries to convince her to call her nephew John and tell him what she saw, but Vivian refuses. Then she sees the man again, this time with a blonde. When the blonde‘s mask lowers, she is shocked to see it is Marlena.Jill tells Bo that if she sees the handsome model-like man who attacked her again, she will definitely recognize him. Bo does some investigating after Jill takes off, but gets no where. He shares his frustrations with Franco and Hope, and begins to realise that Franco just may be the attacker.John looks through the goggles again and sees that Marlena and Stefano are together, and that he seems to be readying her to go out. He pumps Kristen for information, trying to get her to remember where they are, and Kristen informs him she will not harm the baby by taking memory drugs.