Ep. #7650

Season 31, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 11/8/1995
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Caroline tells Bo that she thinks he‘s using his commitment to Billie to avoid his feelings for Hope. Bo admits that she‘s on his mind, but he hasn‘t decided what he feels yet. Elsewhere, Jude is coming on to Hope until he gets a phone call and has to leave. Jude takes a call from Peter, who tells him that he better come up with the dirt on Jack Deveraux, or he‘ll have to get rid of him (permanently). In the meanwhile, Bo and Hope have met up, and Bo is ready to kill Jude when he ses that he left bruises on Hope, but Hope tells him they need to wait, because they don‘t have enough to hold him on yet. Then she leaves to catch a flight to Aremid.Sarah tells Jennifer that she thinks she is still in love with Jack, and Jennifer admits that a part of her will always love Jack, because they were married once. While talking with Peter, she tells him that it bothers her that she called for Jack when she needed help, but Peter insists she was just remembering the past. They prepare for the wed