Ep. #7240

Season 29, Episode 24 -  Air Date: 3/11/1994
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After hearing the music Stefano programmed into him at the party John leaves, then meets a man named Gabe on a park. He can‘t understand how Gabe can know his name, but Gabe is gone before John can ask. He arrives home to find an envelope containing a puzzle piece, which he realises must be connected to Stefano.The apparition of Curtis tells Billie that she‘s forgetting something about that night. She and Bo go back to the boathouse, but every time Billie tries to make love to Bo she closes her eyes and sees Curtis‘ face.Alan lays the charm on thick for Sami, making it seem like she‘s important to him. He decides that if he can‘t have Carrie, he can most definitely have Carrie‘s sister.Bill is thrilled that he and Laura are back together, not realising that Laura hasn‘t let go of her hatred for him.