Ep. #7225

Season 29, Episode 15 -  Air Date: 2/18/1994
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At the Brady Pub, everyone expresses concern over Carrie being attacked at the ski lodge. When Marlena arrives as per Carrie‘s invitation, Roman tells her that she is not welcome. John, having learned of the attack from Abe, also shows up, and he and Roman get into it, prompting Carrie to leave. Meanwhile, Alan calls Carrie after hearing of her attack through Lucas, but she‘s not interested in talking to him.Tony and Kristen are on their honeymoon, having consummated their marriage. Determined to put a fresh face on things, Kristen confesses that she had an affair with John Black, only to realise that Tony didn‘t hear her. When they return to Salem, they narrowly miss Peter talking to Stefano, who is supposed to be dead.At the trial, Bo tells the judge that he believes Kate Kiriakis is a viable suspect in Curtis‘ death. When Kate reveals how shocked (and nervous) his words make her, Billie demands to know why she‘s so worried if she‘s innocent.John sees Belle for the first time sinc