Ep. #7192

Season 29, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 1/3/1994
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Shawn told Sami that he and the rest of the family were behind her, no matter what. In an aside, Marlena told Sami that John knew that she knew about the affair, and she was going to tell Roman. John balked, as he worried how it would make Roman feel, but Marlena said she couldn‘t continue to force her own daughter to lie for her, and that this was too hard on her. Roman later thanked John for being such a wonderful friend and talked about his love for Isabella, but all John could feel was guilt that he had betrayed his ‘friend‘ by sleeping with his wife.At the Titan party, Laura entertained fantasies of strangling Kate. Dressed as a man to avoid being recognized, Vivian begged Laura not to do anything yet...she had the perfect revenge in mind, but revenge needs planning. Laura finally relented, and agreed to take the anti-psychotics that Vivian had stolen from Pinehaven. Victor and Kate both spotted Vivian, but although she looked ‘familiar‘, neither saw through the disguise.Stefano