Ep. #425

Season 2, Episode 169 -  Air Date: 7/10/1967
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Sami confronts Roman and tells him that she will kill herself if he marries Kate, and when Roman doesn‘t buy it, she tells him that she hates him and she will not be a part of his life; Lexie visits Tony and tells him to burn in hell and later tells Celeste that she no longer considers herself a DiMera; Tony continues to declare his innocence and is ultimately released on bond; Nicole refuses to give up and makes another pass at Brady at the wedding and Chloe tells her to take a hike; Marlena apologizes to Kate and agrees to be her matron of honor; Lucas and Shawn come up with a way to force Sami to ""hold her peace""; Kate & Roman exchange their vows and are declared man and wife; Rex cannot help but smile as he watches his parents tie the knot; When Tony is released from jail – he tells his lawyer he is not attending a wedding, but rather, a funeral; Finally, when the happy couple cuts into the wedding cake, blood oozes out…