Ep. #77

Season 1, Episode 77 -  Air Date: 2/24/1966
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**from SoapCity.com**Lexie flies through the front door of the mansion, ordering Eliana to pack. She tells Rolf and Celeste that she‘s moving back in with Abe. While Celeste is happy to hear this, Rolf is less than pleased. He concocts a plan to stop Lexie and makes a call to Cameron Reese. Soon after, she shows up with phony documents ordering Lexie to relinquish custody of Isaac in forty-eight hours. Lexie panics and agrees to run off with Isaac.Meanwhile, Bo tries to comfort Hope, but she just wants to be left alone. He goes to see Abe and tries to get Isaac for Hope, thinking it may ease her pain a bit. Bo is surprised to see Abe at the old house and Abe admits that he had a fight with Lexie. Bo bravely asks Abe for Isaac, but Abe will not give him up until he legally has to. Just as Lexie is about to bolt with Isaac, Abe show up on the doorstep of the mansion. He sees her with a suitcase and wonders where she‘s going...When Hope is alone, she has the same cryptic dream, which s