Ep. #133

Season 1, Episode 133 -  Air Date: 5/16/1966
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PREVIEW: Shawn has a heart-to-heart with Alice; Palmer reminds Lexie of her past; Shawn and Belle have a close encounter at the gym.SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com** Jack and Jennifer‘s show is a hit as Bo and Hope watch from Tuscany and witness the live arrest of Carson Palmer. After Bo leaves for the station, Shawn has a heart-to-heart with Alice and rushes off, motivated. Hope and Maggie play with Zack and Hope leaves after talking with Alice. At the station, Bo has a confrontation with Vin; he breaks the news that Palmer has been arrested and Vin threatens Bo. Abe and Roman rush in to pull Bo off of Vin as he tries to choke him. Lexie tells Palmer she‘s disgusted with him, but feels a twinge of guilt when he reminds her that she hasn‘t always been a model citizen. Later, Abe overhears Vin making a threat against Bo and Roman; he tells them about the threat, warning them to watch their backs. Meanwhile, Jack and Jennifer wrap up their first show on a complete high. After the crew