Ep. #10816

Season 1, Episode 10816 -  Air Date: 4/30/2008
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Anna bumps into Tony while he comes into the pub and calls her a klutz before realizing that it was Anna. Lexie tells Abe that she had a difficult day at the hospital, and wondering if Abe has a few moments. Hope brings Ciara to the hospital hoping it‘ll make her happy. Daniel tells Kate that he is no longer on Chelsea‘s case. Anna asks Tony if something is going on with him and Kate. Max tells Stephanie that he got Pete to cover for him so they can spend some time together so they head up to his room for a romantic night. Bo and Hope renew their love for one another. Lexie and Abe agree to make time for Theo and themselves. Chelsea asks Daniel the reason behind his resignation. Hope tells Bo not to blame himself for what‘s wrong with Chelsea. Chelsea calls Stephanie crying that Daniel dropped her as a patient, so Stephanie goes and has a chat with him. Nick goes and to see how Chelsea is coming along, she then says that she can‘t have kids due to the infection.