Ep. #10815

Season 1, Episode 10815 -  Air Date: 4/29/2008
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E.J. and Sami try to prepare for his immigration hearing. Sami tells John and Marlena that Brady is alive and that Victor framed Chloe for his disappearance, John then tells Victor that he made a mistake by playing god with Brady. Bo blames himself for Chelsea‘s inability to bear children. Philip informs Victor that he‘s not gonna be charged. Philip insists on going to the police station to see why John is going there. Roman and Abe tell Paul that they‘ll drop the pending charges against him if he points the finger at John Black. Lexie wants answer from Daniel about him wanting to get emotionally involved with Chelsea. John calls Roman and Abe‘s bluff when he asks to see the evidence they have against him, he then has a flash and keeps it from Marlena. Chelsea breaks down after having a memory of Zack, Hope then tells Chelsea that it took her a long time for her to realize that God had a plan for him. Morgan tells Philip that her father is a decent and honest man, Philip says that her father is guilty. Marlena tells John that something happened to him while he was in Roman‘s office. Hope and Chelsea share a tender moment, as Bo overhears from outside the door. Marlena insists the John talk with Brady.