Ep. #10814

Season 1, Episode 10814 -  Air Date: 4/28/2008
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Ava tells everyone that her father is not going to be happy when he hears about what happened. Abe tells Kayla and Steve that Stephanie has disappeared. Nicole tells Chloe that Brady is in a rehab facility is Switzerland, Chloe explains that Brady is an addict. Abe tells Bo that Chelsea is back in the hospital. Sami and E.J. prepare themselves for the questions that the Leonard Burke may ask them. Chelsea is glad when Bo and Hope arrive at the hospital. Victor says that Chloe‘s recklessness by introducing him to low lives nearly cost Brady his life. Chloe yells at Victor for setting him up and making everyone think she did something to Brady. Ava makes her call wanting her father to come and help her. Max comes to Stephanie‘s rescue and manages to get her away from her abductor and Steve and Kayla are delighted that she‘s alright. Philip tells Victor why didn‘t he tell him about Brady sooner. Ava falls to the floor and begins to have a seizure and Roman has her brought to the hospital. Sami can‘t believe that E.J. is giving up. Chloe goes to Abe wanting to press charges against Victor. Daniel tells Chelsea that with the infection and scarring, she won‘t be able to have any children.