You've Been Unfriended

Season 3, Episode 8 -  Air Date: 2/19/2013
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Christi and Chloe return to the studio.

‘Dance Moms‘ Recap: Partners-in-Crime Break Up

After a week‘s hiatus, Christi returns to the Abby Lee Dance Company with Chloe in tow. She‘s prepared for Abby‘s attitude, but she doesn‘t expect the cold shoulder from her former bestie, Kelly. With Kelly and Christi wrapped up in their own tension, no one has any major conflict with Abby this week, and the results are pretty miraculous. Abby‘s a relatively decent teacher in this episode! Aside from replacing Chloe‘s name with "Blondie," she‘s a fair, supportive leader who doles out praise, hugs and even some dollar bills to the dancers. If this is how things go when Kelly and Christi battle each other, these partners in crime should stay broken up.
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