Wildly Inappropriate

Season 1, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 7/20/2011
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‘Dance Moms: Miami‘ Recap: Sore Losers

Tensions run high this week not just between the moms, but also among the coaches, and it all begins when Susan can‘t handle her daughter‘s punishment for her childish behavior in the last competition. The Stars‘ mom proceeds to throw a tantrum when the list is revealed and her daughter isn‘t on top, and thinks that no matter what she does, she should always be first in line. Can we say delusional? She should watch Abby Lee and her Dance Moms because then she would realize that dance coaches punish the dancer even when the mom acts out. Let‘s see how far arguing with the coaches gets her - at least it will be an entertaining season if she keeps this up. She‘ll be the most hated mom in no time.
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