Love on the Dance Floor

Season 1, Episode 8 -  Air Date: 8/31/2011
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‘Dance Moms: Miami‘ Finale Recap: New Star Outshines the Rest

This week‘s Dance Moms: Miami breaking news - a new star joins the team, and she doesn‘t seem to be a welcome addition. The tiny dancers are thrilled when their friend gets to join them for their "celebrity" themed dance, until her presence creates more pressure anxiety than they had anticipated. As Victor and Angel‘s obvious favorite, the moms are up in arms when the choreographers show clear favoritism and threaten to eliminate one of their daughter‘s solos so that Mia can have a turn in the spotlight. Even though Mia seems to be a great dancer, I can‘t say I blame the moms for getting defensive over their well-deserved spots on the competition team. Will one of the stars be kicked off the team to make room for Mia? Let‘s twirl right into tonight‘s episode and find out!
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