Here's Blood in Your Eye

Season 1, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 5/3/2009
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The fifteen guys are asked to show off their talents in an old-fashioned game of "Show and Tell," for Daisy. Later, one guy smashes a bottle over his own head in a moment of frustration, and another will cause serious consequences when he makes a late night phone call.

Daisy of Love: Episode 2 Recap

Now that Daisy of Love has started, it‘s time to get into the sexually suggestive challenges, dates with Daisy and guys using strategy to target each other.  In this episode, the guys are asked to perform a show and tell for Miss Daisy.  Naturally, it includes rapping, blow-up dolls, and dudes whipping out their junk.The most talked about Show and Tell dude is Flipper, who decided to write a rap song dissing all the other guys in the house.  He‘s trying to create controversy where there is none, and he clearly understands the rules of how to get more face time on a reality TV show.
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