Wendy Simms

Wendy Simms

Played by Liz Vassey

Wendy Simms (Liz Vassey) is a beautiful and intelligent DNA lab technician on the hit TV series, "CSI." Before coming to Las Vegas, she worked in San Francisco. She joined the CSI team in season 7 and was crucial to the investigation of the serial killer known as "The Miniature Killer."

Although she looks like a cheerleader, she is a nerd at heart. She loves the science fiction show "Astro Quest" and actually dressed up for the convention. It was also revealed that she was an extra in a horror movie. Throughout the series there has been some sexual tension between Wendy and her fellow lab technician David Hodges (Wallace Langham), as he constantly fantasizes about her. In season 10, it was finally unveiled that Wendy is also attracted to Hodges but feels that they will never work out.

Memorable Quotes:

"But is it still considered food if it's alive and clucking?"

"Oh my God, what are we, 12?"