Sofia Curtis

Sofia Curtis

Played by Louise Lombard

Sofia Curtis (Louise Lombard) was a Crime Scene Investigator on the hit show "CSI." Following her mother's footsteps, Sofia became a police officer in the Las Vegas Police Department's Homicide Division. However, she transferred to the CSI Division after her boss volunteered her for a CSI assignment at a crime scene.

At times, Sophia seemed to have an attraction to Gil Grissom (William Petersen), her supervisor. This created conflict between Sophia and Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox). In one episode, Sofia mistakenly believed she may have been responsible for the death of a fellow police officer. She went to Grissom for comfort but was quickly turned away by Sara. She sought guidance again from Grissom after watching the death of a police officer at the hands of the Miniature Killer. With the exception of one dinner date with Grissom, no relationship developed. Sophia left the CSI crew and became a detective with the LVPD.

Memorable Quote:

"I don't like the direction the lab's headed."