David Hodges

Played by Wallace Langham

David Hodges (Wallace Langham) is a trace technician in the crime lab on the hit show "CSI." Hodges is the stereotypical nerdy scientist and his personality is a bit irritating or obnoxious to his coworkers. For that reason, he often provides comic relief to the crime scene investigators. Although he normally provides behind-the-scenes support for investigations, he had the opportunity to solve a murder at a sci-fi convention with the assistance of fellow technician Wendy Simms (Liz Vassey), his love interest. Hodges has a flair for the dramatic, which was seen in the board game he created based on the game Clue. The game revolved around the murder and investigation of his own death in the lab. The CSI team spent hours playing the game and discussing possible scenarios, but it was determined his death was a suicide.

Memorable Quote:

"And by work, you mean IM-ing your Icelandic penpal, who thinks you look like Warrick Brown, because that's the picture you posted."