Al Robbins

Dr. Albert "Al" Robbins, M.D. (Robert David Hall) is the Chief Medical Examiner in the Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) unit at the Las Vegas Police Department. Dr. Robbins, also called "Al" or "Doc" by the CSI crew, has prosthetic legs and walks with a crutch as the result of an accident at a crime scene. He is very intelligent and liked to match wits with former CSI Supervisor Gil Grissom (William Petersen). Newcomer CSI Raymond Langston (Lawrence Fishbourne) also has a special connection with Dr. Robbins because they were both surgeons and love telling stories of past cases.

Dr. Robbins has substantial experience as a medical examiner and considers himself a student of life as well. While explaining the cause of death of the victim or explaining evidence found on the body, he usually has at least one of two stories to share, which at times end up helping the CSI crew solve the case. At other times, he serves as a "sounding board" for the CSI crew and he always offers his sage advice. His witty banter with the CSI crew serves as comedic relief while working on tough cases.

Some significant quotes from Dr. Robbins include:

[While shooting pictures of a dead body]

Dr. Robbins: "It's for my scrapbook. I've got a perfect spot for him. A place of honor between Tupac and Entwistle."

- -- -

[While drawing a sample from a cadaver's bladder]

Dr. Robbins: "Urine…you're out."

- -- -

Dr. Robbins: "Let's start with the stomach contents. They're fascinating. They reminded me of the scene in Jaws where Dreyfuss cuts open the shark's belly and all sorts of weird things come out."

Grissom: "You found a license plate?"