Tim Speedle

Played by Rory Cochrane

Tim Speedle (Rory Cochrane) was a trace and impressions expert with the Miami-Dade crime lab who was killed by a suspect after his gun jammed. Known as "Speed" to his friends and co-workers, he had the bad habit of neglecting the maintenance of his firearms. Speed was close friends with fellow co-worker Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez). During the first season, he and Eric were caught in a deadly fire at a nightclub after a bouncer, trying to be a hero, set the building ablaze. Speed saved many lives when he discovered an unlocked emergency exit door and directed people to safety. He still worked the scene afterwards despite the traumatic event.

Eric took Speed's death really hard, so much so that he had hallucinations of him after he sustained a head injury years later. These hallucinations actually led to Eric discovering that someone who worked in the lab was using Speed's credit card. When the technician who stole Speed's card tried to explain that there was no harm done, Calleigh (Emily Proctor) furiously told him that it gave she and Eric false hope and brought back painful memories. His death sticks with his friends and out of respect, they keep his locker intact. Eric remains very protective of Speed's memory which was when Ryan Wolfe (Jonathan Togo) was hired, there were some hard feelings between them.

Memorable Quotes:

"Only way to outrun an alligator is swim faster than the guy next to you. Right Delko?"

"I love hotel rooms - body fluids everywhere."