Ryan Wolfe

Played by Jonathan Togo

Ryan Wolfe (Jonathan Togo) is a DNA specialist and level 1 crime scene investigator working in the Miami-Dade crime lab on the hit television show "CSI Miami." During season three, Ryan, a police officer at the time, joined the team when Horatio Caine (David Caruso) noticed Ryan's meticulous attention to detail while working a crime scene together and hired him immediately (episode 303, "under the influence"). At first, Ryan faced some difficult cases and indifference from his co-workers. He eventually won their confidence and developed close working relationships with many of his peers. He grew especially fond of Alexx Woods (Khandi Alexander), a smart, highly experienced medical examiner many years his senior, who treated him like a son. He had a short-lived, intimate relationship with Natalia Boa Vista (Eva LaRue). Ryan's relationship with Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez, ) was a stressful one, although Delko did accept Ryan as a rookie team member and treated him accordingly.

In Season 4, Ryan was working at a crime scene and got shot in the eye with a nail gun (episode 408, "nailed"). In spite of their strained relationship, Delko took Ryan for emergency treatment. The incident left Ryan with permanent vision problems. It was hinted by Agent Glen Cole (Mark Rolston) that Ryan might have Keratitis, an eye disorder.

When money went missing from the evidence room at the crime lab, Ryan was initially implicated by Agent Cole and had to prove that he had nothing to do with the stolen money. All the while, he was busy seeking a mole in the lab who had leaked some vital information to the press. He accused Dan Cooper (Brendan Fehr), who claimed he had let the information slip accidentally because he had too many beers that night.

Ryan's emotions sometimes interfered with his job in Season 5. When he pushed an officer who was evicting a family, the officer filed a complaint against him and he was nearly suspended. Horatio managed to get the officer to drop the complaint but informed Ryan that if he did something like that again, he would be on his own. Later, when Eric Delko was shot, Ryan offered to donate blood for a transfusion but the attending physician told him it was too late to try it and that Delko remained in critical condition. When Ryan faced the shooter, his commitment to the team brought his emotions to the surface once again, but he was able to get himself under control and do his job (episode 515, "Man Down").

Horatio discovered that Ryan had lied to him about a man to whom he owed $10,000 and Ryan was fired and forced to leave the crime lab (Episode 522, "Burned"). Ryan then found work as a consultant for a local television show. He soon became disenchanted and sought to reconcile with Horatio. Although money was tight and Ryan could not be paid, Horatio worked to get him reinstated under heavy observation (Episode 523, "Kill Switch").

While waiting for his reinstatement, Ryan worked at a gun range and managed to find a murderer who had stolen a gun from the range. Ryan was then asked by Horatio to serve as a bodyguard for a woman who was being stalked. Afterward, Ryan served as an expert crime-scene procedure witness which put him at odds with Natalia. After his reinstatement, Ryan helped Horatio fake his death to help catch a criminal, which had everyone at the crime lab looking at him suspiciously until Horatio resurfaced.

Ryan was later arrested in connection with some stolen diamonds. Delko found the diamonds and helped to clear him and arrest the real thief. When the crime lab was poisoned, Ryan, affected by the poison, stopped breathing, but did survive. Some time later Natalia was drugged and began shooting at both Ryan and Horatio, believing them to be her abusive ex. They managed to subdue her and swore secrecy concerning the incident in order to protect her. Ryan then turned his concerns to his personal life and began to focus on his finances.

Memorable Quotes:

"That's a whole island, isn't it? Wow. My parents are leaving me their lawn mower."

"Oh you've got an alibi, he's got an alibi."