Lieutenant Horatio Caine

Played by David Caruso

H. not the letter H, but the man who lay claim to the nickname "H" Lieutenant Horatio Caine, CSI extraordinaire. "CSI: Miami" is by far one of America's most favorite shows, the bad boy red-head, Lieutenant Horatio Caine (David Caruso) is a sexy Irish-American, carries a big gun, and he gets his man, every time.

There is nothing like a man who stands by his family and his friends, and Horatio can be depended on to do both. For example when his brother's wife, Detective Yelina Salas (Sofia Milos) needed a helping hand Horatio did not miss a beat. Or when his team was under fire, he stood by each and every one of them until the bitter end, never accusing. And that red hair, well let's just say it goes well with his fiery character, Lieutenant Caine, whom promises to follow the evidence until he solves the crime.

Horatio has to be commended for faking his death, capturing dangerous bullets and protecting his team from imminent threats. In a cliffhanger at the end of season six that provided CSI: Miami fans with the question looming in their minds for weeks, " why oh why would the powers to be kill Horatio Caine"? How could they deprive us of a character that we so anxiously waited for week after week to enter our homes, put on or take off a pair of shades and say, "we never close." Needless to say at the beginning of season seven, fans were able to exhale, Horatio is alive.

For a man who lay in a pool of blood from season end until season beginning, shot by a fellow officer, fans were pleased; of course Horatio Caine was not dead although millions had been convinced of his untimely demise, Horatio rose to protect his team, his city, and his family with a new vengeance.

Season after season during that hour when Lieutenant Horatio Caine and his team are on watch, millions tune in for the latest in forensic techniques, murders, mayhem, deceptions, love affairs with an alligator thrown in regularly for credibility, fans are not disappointed.

Bets on which angle the camera is going to catch Horatio before he puts on is shades and say something totally unexpected, has become all the rage. Well, maybe not all the rage, and maybe no bets are made but the camera angle is a water cooler discussion and entertainingly so, after all what could be more important news as the latest camera shot of the sexiest red-head in TV land.

A blend of forensic science and shoot 'em up, with a bit of police work thrown in, you can absolutely count on Horatio and his team to light up Miami at least for one hour each week. And if that is not enough to give you a weekly dose of entertainment, you surely cannot deny that when Horatio reaches for his shades, he is about to say something you will not soon forget!

Memorable Quotes:

I… am… gonna get to the truth

Our accident is not an accident at all

We…have a sinking crime scene