Eric Delko

Played by Adam Rodriguez

Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez) is a Cuban-born, level 3 crime scene investigator who works at the Miami-Dade crime lab on the hit series "CSI: Miami." Eric drove a tow-truck when he first met Horatio Caine (David Caruso). After he helped to recover a murder weapon at a crime scene, Horatio was so impressed with Eric's eye for detail, he encouraged him to join the police academy and earn his badge so he could work at CSI. Eric agreed and in time became the fingerprint analyst as well as the tire and drug identification expert at the crime lab. He was also recruited to be their underwater recovery expert and was dubbed their "best diver." Eric has a great sense of humor and was the prankster in the lab.

Eric was a close friend of Tim Speedle (Rory Cochrane) who was killed when his gun jammed while trying to apprehend a suspect (Episode 301, "Lost Son"). He and Horatio developed a close working relationship and friendship and later his sister Marisol (Alan de la Garza) married Horatio. Eric was indifferent to Ryan Wolfe (Jonathan Togo) when he was hired after Speedle's death (Episode 303, "Under the Influence") and was harder on him than he had to be. Eventually the two came to depend on each other in a pinch. Eric was arrested for buying marijuana for his sister who was suffering through cancer treatments (Episode 410, "Shattered"). He also had a relationship with Natalia Boa Vista (Eva LaRue), who once thought she might be pregnant with his baby.

Eric was also involved with Gloria Williams (Kim Director), who was somewhat unstable and became angry when she found out that Eric had been involved with Natalia. She proceeded to break two windows out of her car. She was obsessed with Eric and stole his sister Marisol's purse thinking she was his wife. A sniper executed Marisol and Gloria's obsession made her a prime suspect in the shooting. She admitted that she did go there to kill Marisol, but was unable to follow through (Episode 424, "Rampage"). She was eventually cleared of the implication. Her relationship with Eric was damaged beyond repair. Eric and Horatio made a trip to Brazil to find the man who ordered the hit on Marisol and as Eric fought for his life, Horatio took the man's knife and stabbed him to death, ending the fight, possibly saving Eric's life.

Frustrated with his relationships, Eric sought anonymous sex by texting women he didn't know. One night when he was with a stranger he lost his badge and decided he needed to get counseling. He stepped into a fight between a woman and her husband in a bar, and was later sued by the couple for $250,000. The couple were scam artists and the husband was killed before the settlement was made. To avoid scrutiny of the crime lab, Eric agreed to pay the wife and had his wages garnished, working extra shifts to cover the costs (Episode 513, "Throwing Heat"). Eric had always been interested in Calleigh Duquesne (Emily Proctor) and she cared for him as well. She spent many hours by his bedside when he was critically injured in a shooting (Episode 514, "No Man's Land"). One of the bullets remained lodged in his temporal lobe and caused major damage as well as hindered his recovery. When he finally did go back to work (Episode 516, "Broken Home") he was plagued by mistakes and double vision. He had to relearn many things as his memory of the past six months had vanished. Eric then started having hallucinations of his friend Speedle.

In season eight, (Episode 805, "Bad Seed") Eric left CSI and moved to Puerto Rico temporarily before returning to the Miami area. His involvement with Calleigh became more serious and he started working with the District Attorney as an expert witness for the city (Episode 811, "Delko for the Defense"). By Season 9, Eric was reinstated and back on the team.

Memorable Quotes:

"Someone gonna cover me?"

"You want to sedate her?"

"I used to have a partner."