Detective Yelina Salas

Played by Sofia Milos

Detective Yelina Salas, portrayed by Sofia Milos, was a character in the hit tv show "CSI: Miami" from seasons 1 - 7. Detective Salas has a close, personal relationship with the main character, Horatio Caine (portrayed by David Caruso) because she was married to his brother, Raymond. Yelina has a son, Raymond Jr. and is wildly protective of him. As a detective with the Miami Dade police department, she works closely with Horatio to keep the streets of Miami safe. She is a strong, beautiful Latina woman who has guarded her emotions since the death of her husband and while she appreciates Horatio looking out for her, she sometimes feels smothered by him. Horatio and Yelina seem to have feeling for each other but refuse to cross that line. At one point Horatio says in his usual melancholy tone, "I used to think...that if you hadn't met Raymond first, that you and I..." to which Yelina replies "Then Raymond died". Horatio says "Yes, and it's easy to get used to those boundaries" and Yelina responds with sadness and longing "I'm still your brother's wife...".

As the seasons progress, she falls in love with Horatio's arch-enemy only to find out that her "late" husband, Raymond Sr., is not really dead. He faked his own death so that he could go deep under for the DEA. Upon his return, Yelina decides it is time for a family vacation and takes both Ray Sr. and Ray Jr. to Brazil. Unfortunately, Ray Sr. gets into trouble and ends up getting killed after getting mixed up with a drug cartel. To Yelina's dismay, Ray Jr. is on the verge of following in his father's footsteps. The turmoil falls back into Miami and Horatio makes everything right. Ray Jr. stays out of trouble and Yelina decides it is time to leave the Miami Dade police department and sets out in a new career as a private investigator. Horatio is concerned that this profession is too dangerous, but Yelina assures him that she can handle it as she was a member of the Miami Dade police department.