Detective Frank Tripp

Played by Rex Linn

Frank Tripp (Rex Linn) is a Detective Sergeant on CSI: Miami. He is a member of the homicide team and has a strong knowledge of crime scene investigation techniques. Tripp is a well-respected member of his team, often accompanying other investigators to crime scenes.

Over the past nine seasons, it is learned that Frank grew up in Texas and as a child wanted to become a fireman. However, having read a great deal of crime stories whilst recovering from injuries sustained in a car accident, Frank decided he wanted to become a police officer instead. He joined the police force after he graduated from high school. After being a rookie cop, Frank worked in the gang unit, before later becoming a homicide detective.

The only major relationship Frank has talked about is his marriage to ex-wife Melissa (unknown), with whom he had three children. Frank and Melissa divorced due to her problems with drinking, which led to her suspicions that he was having an affair. Melissa hired a private detective who attempted to lure Frank into cheating on her so that she would have grounds for a divorce. The detective was mysteriously murdered with Frank initially as a suspect until his colleagues were able to prove his innocence.

Memorable Quotes:

"Of course he's lying, he opened his mouth."

"So what were the Mala Noche Packing up in here? Brand new putter and they're heavy"

"The probable cause is that she's a stripper, she's a junkie, and she's a whore."