What Happens in Mecklinburg…

Season 9, Episode 21 -  Air Date: 4/9/2014
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From CBS: A series of targeted kidnappings near Memphis have the BAU searching for a commonality between the missing persons and a motive to lead to the UnSub. Meanwhile, Savannah vents her frustration to Morgan about the amount of traveling he does for his job.

‘Criminal Minds‘ Recap: A Fatal Frat Party and a Turning Point in Morgan‘s Relationship

Sometimes a frat party can get out of hand. Someone might drink too much, something bad might happen, and the police might be called. Tonight‘s Criminal Minds episode, "What Happens in Mecklinburg..." is about just that, as the UnSub is determined to make sure the end of that what happened at a frat party doesn‘t stay at the frat party.Meanwhile, we‘ve seen what this job can do to the team‘s relationships. It‘s not easy to be involved with one of these profilers, as the job takes them all over the country at a moment‘s notice, and that can be rough for those who aren‘t part of the BAU. This week, Morgan has to make a decision about his relationship, and who better for him to get advice from than JJ?
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