The Edge of Winter

Season 9, Episode 19 -  Air Date: 3/19/2014
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From CBS: As the BAU wraps up an investigation into unusual stabbings in Upstate New York, Morgan‘s visit with one of the crime‘s survivors could uncover more questions left for the team to answer.

‘Criminal Minds‘ Recap: A Victim‘s Secret Leads Morgan to the Damaging Truth

In tonight‘s episode of Criminal Minds, "The Edge of Winter," Morgan realizes that so much that the BAU thought they knew about a case from 2013 is wrong when he visits one of the survivors of unusual stabbings in Upstate New York to prepare her to testify as a witness.Something this show does very well is know when not to include a B-plot, light-hearted or otherwise, and this is just another one of those episodes where that‘s the case. Something else it does well with this episode is keeping the mainstays despite the change in format, with Morgan speaking to Daria in the present. Everything else about the case, with the exception of a call to Hotch, takes place in flashbacks as Morgan goes over what happened with Daria. However, the case still begins at the roundtable and on the jet for the team, they still visit the disposal sites, they still set up in a conference room, they still deliver a profile to local law enforcement, and they still hunt down an UnSub.
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