The Fallen

Season 8, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 11/14/2012
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‘Criminal Minds‘ Recap: Rossi Honors an Old Debt

In tonight‘s episode, "The Fallen", the team investigates the murders of several homeless people in California while Rossi (Joe Mantegna) reconnects with someone from his past. Read on to find out what the Criminal Minds writers have in-store for us this week.Setting a bad exampleThe team heads to California after the bodies of two men and one woman are found on the Santa Monica pier. After they learn that all of the victims were transient, the team realizes that the Unsub is trying to eradicate the homeless population in his city. It turns out that the Unsub is a former firefighter who contracted tuberculosis after saving the lives of several homeless people in a warehouse fire. The agents track him down, but the Unsub sets himself on fire because he can be arrested.
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