Derek Morgan

Played by Shemar Moore

Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore), a leading character on the television show "Criminal Minds, " is an obsessive behavior and fixation specialist at the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) for the FBI in Virginia. Morgan develops data to add to profiles of likely perpetrators, including ruthless killers, serial criminals and psychopaths. He has a special relationship with Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness), an information specialist who also works for the BAU, and refers to her as "baby girl." She calls him "baby boy" in return. When she was shot, Derek took her home from the hospital and told her that he loved her. He is young, in perfect health, fiercely loyal and dedicated to his work. Derek takes his job very seriously and is passionate about justice.

Derek is from Chicago. His family, a mother and two sisters, still lives there, and he visits them every year. He had a troubled childhood and experienced more than his share of poverty and angst. Struggling financially in a poor neighborhood with few chances for advancement, Derek was vulnerable. Sensing his situation, he was targeted and abused by serial abuser Carl Buford, a well-respected man in the Chicago community where Derek grew up. Buford would do favors designed to ingratiate the young, impoverished Derek and even sent a letter taking responsibility for Derek to the juvenile courts, who would then seal Morgan's juvenile record. Derek was an at risk kid who was completely manipulated by Buford, and he only revealed this ugly truth after realizing Buford had continued to molest young boys. Buford is then arrested and taken to jail. Before working for the FBI, Derek attended college on a football scholarship; after college, he worked for the Chicago Police Department and the bomb squad. Derek holds a black belt in judo, and is an instructor for the FBI as well.

While the bureau attempts to catch the Boston Reaper, Derek is knocked out and the Reaper steals his Identification. When Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) appoints Morgan to unit chief, while he takes some time off to deal with personal issues, Derek holds the position faithfully until Hotch returns and the Reaper is caught.

Derek tends to get emotionally invested in some of the cases he works. Many times there are personal connections for him and his co-workers. He tracked a serial killer known as the "Prince of Darkness" (Tim Robbins) who had kidnapped Ellie, daughter of Detective Spicer. Derek had sworn to protect her when Spicer was killed by the Prince of Darkness. When Derek caught up with him, the killer told Derek that when he killed his own mother as a boy, she had seemed relieved to him. The killer then asked Derek if he thought he might get a second chance in heaven. As he lifted his gun toward a hostage, Morgan shot him several times. Later, Ellie runs away from foster care and visits Morgan.

Memorable Quotes:

"You go to Hell." Derek Morgan to Carl Buford

"I love you." Derek Morgan to Penelope Garcia