The Psychology of Letting Go

Season 2, Episode 3 -  Air Date: 10/7/2010
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When Pierce‘s mother dies, the group helps to comfort him. After putting Jeff in the hospital, by one of her class pranks going awry, Professor Bauer takes a leave of absence and Professor Duncan attempts to take over her Anthropology class.

VIDEO: ‘Community‘ Keeps the Laughs Coming

This week‘s NBC Thursday "Big Three" had a strong output. Of the three biggies, The Office really came out on top, but 30 Rock was a pretty close second and Community didn‘t disappoint either. I still haven‘t got the nerve to watch the last two Outsourced episodes on my DVR because the other shows have been so good, I don‘t want to come down from my comedy high. Earlier today I wrote about The Office‘s return to form. I really feel like this week‘s episode, "Andy‘s Play," is a series highlight and a sign of how the show may be able to progress beyond Michael.
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