Abed Nadir

Played by Danny Pudi

Abed Nadir (portrayed by Danny Pudi) is one of the most interesting television sitcom characters I have encountered. He consistently interjects the quarrels and petty disputes the study group has with random statements.

The inner workings of Abed's mind are complex, but bring a great sense of comedy to Greendale Community College. Abed Nadir originally came to Greendale to study business courses. His destiny was to take over his father's falafel shop.

Abed is a quirky student who has a great interest in movies. He constantly rants off lines from his favorite films. Abed is also seen working on his own film career throughout this series. He seems to relate his emotions to people and everyday situations to plots of films. This seems to be a way Abed can desensitize his emotions and make light of intense emotions. Abed often resents his father. He claims he was raised by television alone.

Abed struggled his whole life with maintaining personal relationships. He has yet to have a true love interest. He is not seen as an object of affection to other women. Abed also is not socially popular. The Spanish study group Abed joins in Community has the only people Abed has ever felt a connection to.

Abed is seen getting into shenanigans often with his best friend Troy. The two are often the comic relief when a scene is plagued with drama.

Abed brings great insight to the group as well. Abed has a high level of intelligence that is often clouded by his geeky ways. He shows a pattern of being the voice of reason.

Overall, Abed is a character who is enjoyable to watch. His one-liners will catch you off guard!