Big Stink At Charm School

Season 1, Episode 5 -  Air Date: 5/13/2007
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This week the nine remaining girls learn about business acumen in this Apprentice-style challenge where they split into three teams to see who can make the most money selling their custom-made perfume on the streets of Hollywood. Three of the girls are selected to be team CEO‘s, and they must fight between them to decide who is on their team. When one of the CEO‘s gets bullied by the other two, she‘s forced to take the two girls no one else wanted. The team who makes the most money will be safe from elimination, and the two CEO‘s of the losing teams will be automatically called to the carpet. Their strategies are varied: one team follows the adage "sex sells," another team uses a merchandise giveaway to push their perfume product, and one team takes a half-hour bathroom break before getting started. After the competition, tensions remain high between two of the CEO‘s back at the house. One of them threatens to deliver a serious beat-down if she gets eliminated.