Kill Shot

Season 4, Episode 9 -  Air Date: 11/21/2011
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The team searches for a sniper who is terrorizing New York; Beckett tries to hide her worsening PTSD from Castle and the detectives.

‘Castle‘ Recap: Take Cover

This week on Castle, a killer sniper sends Beckett on a post-traumatic downward spiral, but thankfully her friends are there to help her pick up the pieces. This episode will undoubtedly be on Stana Katic‘s Emmy reel because she did phenomenal work playing a Beckett coming unglued at the seams. Beckett is usually the stoic member of the team but in this outing her carefully crafted defenses came crumbling down. Katic has never been better or more empathic than she was in this episode. How about some love Emmy voters?
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