Inventing the Girl

Season 2, Episode 3 -  Air Date: 10/5/2009
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It’s Fashion Week in New York City and model, Jenna McBoyd, is found dead in a fountain. Beckett and Castle head to designer Teddy Farrow’s fashion show. Jenna worked for Teddy, as does her friend and fellow model, Sierra Goodwin. Teddy says Jenna seemed agitated lately, which Sierra attributes to the fact that Jenna was about to be announced as the new face of the Teddy Farrow collection. That’s a pretty high-pressure gig.A beautiful model named Rina approaches Castle, claiming to know him, but he’s clueless as to how. She gives him her number and Castle later discovers that Rina used to be Alexis’ babysitter. They used to watch High School Musical together. Rina and Alexis, that is. Not Castle. At least, we assume not Castle.Jenna’s husband, Travis, is convinced she was killed by a stalker they’d reported to the police. Ryan and Esposito find a discarded package for a digital camera memory card on the rooftop where the stalker was seen. Fingerprints show it belonged to Will James, who has prior restraining orders against him. The team heads to James’ apartment, where they find a photo of Jenna McBoyd. But stalker boy’s alibi checks out. Bummer.