Deep in Death

Season 2, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 9/21/2009
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Flash, Flash. Castle‘s back and he‘s being photographed with some super hot, scantily-clad policewomen. We‘re pretty sure they‘re not real cops, as this is a promo shoot for the new Nikki Heat book. If you recall, Castle‘s newest fictional character is based on our favorite homicide detective, Kate Beckett.Beckett is still plenty peeved at Castle for looking into her mother‘s murder against her wishes. Captain Montgomery forces her to chat with a reporter who is jazzed to write about her crime-solving partnership with Castle. And when a murder victim is found hanging in a tree, Beckett reluctantly teams with Castle once again.Lanie‘s preliminary exam indicates that the victim, John Allen, was dead before being tossed of a roof. Much to Castle‘s dismay, Beckett suggests he and the reporter head back to the morgue with Lanie. BAM! The medical examiner‘s van jolts to a stop. A team of masked gunmen storm into the back and steal the dead body. Castle is stunned. Frankly, so are we. What was that about?