A Death in the Family

Season 1, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 5/11/2009
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We open on the windshield of a blue Mercedes covered in parking tickets, being lifted into the sky by a tow truck. Inside, a male body is jostled by the movement. The head is encased in a plastic bag, wrapped with duct tape at the neck.In his loft, we see Castle sitting across from top forensic pathologist Clark Murray. They go through morgue photos of a cold case victim—Beckett’s mother. We just knew he’d go snooping into this! Castle is hoping to find something previously missed. Murray reminds Castle that the odds of finding a killer after ten years are astronomical.Martha tells Castle he needs to let Beckett know he’s looking into her mother’s case. Suddenly, Alexis comes running in to announce that Owen has asked her to the Junior-Senior prom. Castle gives his blessing, but only if Alexis promises to stay out past her bedtime and have a good time. Where was he when we were growing up?