Comings & Goings

Season 3, Episode 11 -  Air Date: 12/6/2009
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Karen drags Hank to an end of the semester goodbye luncheon at Felicia’s (EMBETH DAVIDTZ). Hank realizes he’s walked into a hornet’s nest as Felicia, Jackie (EVA AMURRI) and Jill (DIANE FARR) all gang up on him. The Hank bashing is interrupted when Richard Bates (JASON BEGHE), the novelist / professor Hank replaced at the college, pays a surprise visit. Hank’s none too pleased to learn that Bates and Karen share some intimate history. Finally, a drunken Dean Koons (PETER GALLAGHER) storms the lunch in full Civil War re-enactment regalia, challenging Hank to a sloppy duel that ends in catharsis. Marcy and Charlie get an offer on their house the same day their divorce papers arrive. While hooking up once more for old time’s sake, Charlie has a nasty sex accident and Marcy discovers his new tramp stamp. (Courtesy of Showtime)