Sam Axe

Played by Bruce Campbell

Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell) is a former US Navy Seal who is friends with Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) on "Burn Notice". In his past, Sam had worked on covert operations for the government, including one where he cost Fiona Glenanne (Gabrielle Anwar) a lot of money, when he foiled a deal with a Libyan dictator. He and Fiona eventually come to an understanding while working closely together with Michael. Sam is now semi-retired and living in Miami, spending his time living off rich older women.

After Michael finds himself stuck in Miami, Sam helps Michael and his ex-girlfriend Fiona in a series of jobs where they aid people in need, usually in situations where criminals are the cause of the problems and they have no where to turn. Sam is initially forced to report Michael's activities to the FBI, as they had threatened to tie up his pension. With Michael's knowledge, he often fed them half-truths or downright lies. After the removal of the FBI surveillance, this reporting stopped, but he continued to use his FBI contacts on occasion. Sam has contacts in most major agencies and uses his buddies to find information to help Michael. He will often go undercover as 'Charles Finley' or 'Chuck Finley'.

After falling out with his unseen lady friend Veronica, Sam moves in with Michael's mom Madeline (Sharon Gless) to help her repair her home after an explosion. He is usually seen with an alcoholic drink, usually either beer or Mojitos, and wears Hawaiian shirts and flashy jewelry, including a Rolex watch and pinky ring. He is a calming influence on Michael, unlike Fiona who prefers to use explosives.

Memorable Quotes:

"I said I was a freelance superhero Robin Hood kinda guy."

"Wiring crap into a car is not an art. It's about as subtle as hitting someone with a brick."

"You know spies. Bunch of bitchy little girls."