You Say It's Your Birthday: Part 1

Season 6, Episode 31 -  Air Date: 5/22/1996
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Carl hosts Steve‘s weekend long 21st birthday bash on the ship Queen Mary in Long Beach, where the music group "The Goo Goo Dolls" entertains. Carl then asks Steve a favor: to have a chance with Clare who he has had a crush on. David and Donna grow more intimate while their producer Erik, makes a move on Donna and other women as well. Andrea Zuckerman arrives in town to have fun at Steve‘s party, and Nat brings Joan along who keeps feeling unwell. Meanwhile, Valerie hires an FBI agent, named Richard Ballen, to find Colin who‘s in the area trying to get access on a ship to take him to South America. Also, Susan tells Brandon that she has decided to leave town to accept a job offer at a newspaper company in Washington D.C. which makes him wonder if he has a future with Susan after all.