Season 6, Episode 8 -  Air Date: 11/1/1995
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At a Halloween party at the Peach Pit After Dark, a mysterious gypsy named Madame Raven shows up, in which David buys a love potion from her to increase his growing relationship with Valerie, but Steve and Clare accidentally get it instead and end having a very sordid night together. Susan also attends the party with Brandon where she becomes more confused then ever over where their relationship is heading. After Ray decorates the beach front apartment with pumpkins in an attempt to spruce up his sagging relationship with Donna, he has a violent reaction to her new romantic interest, a college football player named Joe Bradley. Colin unveils his new mural at the After Dark, which was inspired by Kelly. Meanwhile, Toni questions her father over his history with Dylan‘s father who admits knowing Dylan‘s father promoting her to run to Dylan for comfort.