Who Is the Hottest Guy on NBC (Fall 2012)?
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Andrew Rammels (The New Normal)

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Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation)

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Charlie Bennett (Chicago Fire)
Jason Ritter (Parenthood)
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James Marsden (30 Rock)
by TheEditor
789 Votes
David Giuntoli (Grimm)
by TheEditor
782 Votes
Taylor Kinney (Chicago Fire)
by TheEditor
768 Votes
David Lyons (Revolution)
by TheEditor
764 Votes
Jesse Spencer (Chicago Fire)
by TheEditor
761 Votes
Rob Lowe (Parks and Recreation)
by TheEditor
748 Votes
Matthew Perry (Go On)
by TheEditor
720 Votes
John Krasinski (The Office)
by TheEditor
709 Votes
Zach Cregger (Guys with Kids)
by TheEditor
685 Votes
Danny Pino (Law and Order: SVU)
by TheEditor
677 Votes

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Jesse Bradford (Guys with Kids)
Peter Krause (Parenthood)
Chris Pratt (Parks and Recreation)

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